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Saint John Lutheran Church Council & Staff
We would like to introduce you to the Staff and Church Council at Saint John Lutheran Church. .

Church Council and term end years

Pastor Keith Olivier - Pastor
Roxiee Dollar - President 1st term expires 2018
Gail Davidson - Vice President 2nd term expires 2019
Sheila Sanchez - Council Secretary 1st term expires 2019
Ellen Wilson - Treasurer 1st term expires 2018
Stephanie Chivers - Financial Secretary 1st term expires 2017
Susan Bove' - Council Member 1st term expires 2018
Mike Gawron - Council Member 1st term expires 2017
Jim Dollar - Council Member 1st term expires 2019
Ellen Green - Council Member 1st term expires 2018
Deborah McLaughlin - Council Member 1st term expires 2019
Regina Starling - Council Member 1st term expires 2017

Others Serving Saint John

W. Lee Hendricks - Director of Music
Parish Bookkeeper - Nancy Fuller
Anne Combs - Parish Secretary

Council Representatives for Committees:

Christian Education:Ellen Green
Diakonia: Susan Bove'
Finance: Ellen Wilson and Stephanie Chivers
Health Ministry: Ellen Wilson
Property: Mike Gawron
School Advisory Board: Stephanie Chivers and Susan Bove'
WELCA/Outreach: Ellen Green
Worship and Music: Gail Davidson
Saint John In Pictures

We hope you enjoy our albums of pictures. If you are a member of Saint John or a past member, and have pictures that you would like to share in these albums, please email them to kesretired@verizon.net and we will add them. Please send any comments to the above email address. Thank you.
St. John Picture Albums

Church Council Telephone Tree Responsibilities

Susan Bove' - A-B
Stephanie Chivers - C-D
Gail Davidson- E-G
Mike Gawron - H-I
Ellen Greene - J-K
Deborah McLaughlin - L-M
Jim Dollar - N-O
Sheila Sanchez - P-Q
Regina Starling - R-S
Ellen Wilson - T-Z

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