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Sheila Sanchez
School Director

Her career has been as a Registered Nurse, covering all areas of the hospital.  She has worked with the pediatric population in a pediatric hospital in Hawaii.  She also was a substitute teacher in Indiana for many years.  She joined us in the fall of 2019 and has worked hard to update the school and provide an up-to-date learning curriculum with the help of the staff.  This has given our students a step up to be prepared for higher levels of their education.

First and Second Grade Teacher


Kindergarten Teacher
Donna McClelland
Pre-K 4 Teacher

Experienced in Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten, Donna currently teaches our Pre-K4 class and prepares them to enter Kindergarten. Time and energy are needed to keep their attention and work with new skills necessary to progress to the next level.  She has had great success in bringing those who have come straight from a home daycare to learn what is required in Kindergarten and the upper grades.

Megan Kingsbury
Pre-K3 Teacher

Megan started with us as a substitute teacher and then she became a Teaching Assistant in Pre-K3. Showing great skills with her students she was promoted to Pre-K3 Teacher when the need arose.  Watching her students grow under her guidance has been exciting. She also aids in filling in for Aftercare as needed.

Joni Shifflett
Early Learners Teacher

Joni brings her expertise to teaching the youngest of our classes. She has assisted her class in preparation with patience and understanding, which are needed for this age group.  They even know the entire Pledge of Allegiance!

Jackie Byers
Aftercare Leader and Art Director

As a Teaching Assistant here for 9 years, Jackie has stepped into the position of Art Director, sharing her talents with the students and teaching them to express their creative abilities. She is a great help as she jumps in and assists when and where ever needed. She also is the Lead for Aftercare, getting with others to set up the schedule monthly.

Cricket Timme
Music and PE Teacher

Two short years ago Cricket brought her infectious love of music and physical education to our students.  Learning music and performing have been an awesome addition. Having degrees and working with parks and recreation including giving private classes outside of work, she brings a wide range of talent to our students.  She has a lot of energy and skill that are brought twice a week to our classes.

Arely Gomez
First and Second Grade Teaching Assistant

New to our staff this year and a student at Old Dominion University, Arely is a welcome addition. She will be a Teaching Assistant for the First and Second Grade class.

Marianne West
Pre-K4 Teaching Assistant

Joining our team 4 years ago, Marianne assists in the Pre-K4 classroom. Being very flexible she has filled in in other classes on short notice and dedicates her early mornings to covering Before Care. In her spare time, she also works with the Boy Scouts. She shares her many craft ideas with our Art Teacher and they have been known to work together on projects.

Isabelle Hernandez,
Pre-K3 Teaching Assistant

Shy and quiet, but much loved by her students. Isabelle started as a Teaching Assistant in Early Learners and then moved to Pre-K3 to become their Teaching Assistant. She has been assisting in other classes as needed. She is a wonderful part of our team.

Tiffany Parfitt
Early Learners Teaching Assistant

Tiffany just join us this year and is taking the reins for the Summer Enrichment Aftercare. She is a great addition to our team and we truly need her for Aftercare relief. She is the Teaching Assistant in the Early Learners class and will assist in Aftercare as needed.

Hannah Castello

Hannah joins us when she is available. She has been a part of our team since 2018 in various classes as needed. She shares her childlike sense of fun with the students and her joy is infectious to us all!

Emelyn Median

Joining us for Summer Enrichment, Emelyn is an Old Dominion University student. She will be a fill-in and assistant where needed as her school schedule allows.

Judy Wood
Substitute Teach

Judy joined us several years ago as a Substitute Teacher. We are fortunate to have someone to call at the last minute for call-ins. Her smile and positive attitude make her an awesome asset to our team.

Margie Gish

Miss Margie is a dedicated volunteer and super supporter of our school.  Besides coming in on Wednesdays to provide library time for our students, she attends school functions and assists whenever needed. The students love her and look forward to her visits, as does the staff.

Joann Krumm

A special THANK YOU goes out to “Granny Krumm” who has assisted in the library on Wednesdays and shared her wit and love with our students. She has a long history with our school in teaching, volunteering, and supporting. 

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