From Our Pastor

12/31/21 12:45:pm

Well, Christmas and the 12 days of Christmas have almost come to an end (depending on when you have received this newsletter).  And even with another year of the draining effect of anxiety and fear brought upon us with this Pandemic (that never seems to end), we still faithfully trust in God’s mercy and providential care.

So, we sing and sing and be radiant over the goodness who has seen us through all of this and will continue to do so.  We place our faithfulness and our hope that in all things God will work to bring out some good in our times of tribulations, to bring good out of evil, joy out of sorrow, and hope out of discouragement.

We celebrate every Christmas the light that the darkness cannot overcome, Jesus Christ our Lord.  As one Bible scholar/theologian has pointed out, his coming to us is the most important thing that has ever happened to the world in which you and I live, for in him “we live and move and have our being”, (St. Paul).  Jesus is the crowning jewel and keystone in the vast cosmos God has brought into being.

Yes, the True Light has been made known and “enfleshed” or “incarnated” in the person of Jesus Christ.  In the Word and Holy Communion, the Word is made flesh as well, that we may go forth from worship to share the Light of Christ in our daily lives. Finally, let us live in that expectant hope of what joyous things God will enable us to accomplish in his name this new civil year of 2022.  

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Don 

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